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Smart Bulbs for sale | eBay . WiFi remote control smart light, adopts conspicuous Wi-Fi technology and refines on maximum improvements to intelligentize your life.

It supports remote control via phone app, switch the lamp on and off and adjust the color or brightness. Also for Alexa amazon and Google home.

Occasion: Suitable for showcase, residential, office, hotel, shop, exhibition room, landscaping, indoor, home etc. According to the instructions, download apps, connect to mobile phones, make sure that mobile phones and light bulbs are paired under the same WiFi at home. After successful matching, you can control your light bulbs through App anywhere as long as the mobile phone has a network. (Smart bulbs must be in WiFi with a network)

In the normal mode, the brightness of the bulb can be adjusted.

In the color mode, 16 million colors light: smart color palette by mobile phones with compass sliding. Adjust brightness and contrast.

Scene mode, there are different scenes, corresponding to different modes of lighting, you can also customize your own scene.

Timing mode, two time modes, scientific management. Different scenarios, with different patterns, manage your time groups, and let you define your lifestyle scientifically.
Set the time to turn off the lights. When you sleep, it will automatically turn off the lights according to the time set.
For example,through the smart APP, we recorded the return home from work at 7:00 p.m.Set the time to open the lights.when you go home,warm lights illuminate the dark corridor, so that you feel the warmth of home.

Family management, you can add administrators, you have paired the light bulbs, shared to your family account, they do not need pairing and settings, can be directly controlled.

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